Startup 2018. And the winner is…

… not The company collectAI became Tech Startup 2018 with their innovative and personalised way of collecting debts. They are 2.5 years old, have a team of 40 employees and a huge community. Looking forward to see growing the same way.

Personally, We still see the participation in this competition very positive because there was a lot to learn and great support from our families, friends and our community. Now we want to say thank you again to everyone who supported us and voted for us in the last weeks. We really appreciate it.

In the competition, we got the opportunity to hold a first product pitch on stage and explain in under 2 minutes. Over the last weeks, we posted on regular occasion the timing and the progress to shrink everything down to 2 minutes. With this, we learned how to structure a presentation for such a short time and how to still have enough time to tell a compelling story. In the end, there were about 20 seconds left. Now I’d personally like to thank Melanie Wagenfort and Fabian Rausch which coached and supported me in preparation for this pitch.

The Tech Startup Award brought us additional media presence too. 77 new user showed deeper interest over the last weeks. Looking forward to more.

In addition, had a booth at the StartupCon to get in touch with potential customers and to validate that Startups are still a good target customer group. We did a cool marketing gag and just printed “404 Page Not Found?” on a poster and on our shirts. This worked very well. I would say about 70% of the people passing by started asking questions. With this, we got into nice discussions and made cool connections. We collected a lot of data about our target group. We now have to evaluate the data and see what’s the real outcome over the next days.

Again we learned a lot in preparation for the convention, the competition and even more in this one day in Cologne. It was a lot of fun and got us quite some additional ideas. We’re looking forward to the next weeks/months and thanks again to the organisers which supported us very well.

To close this post I’d like to quote the end of our pitch.

So take out your phone now, and start testing your website today. Thank you very much.

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