One of the best Startups 2018

Great News. Considering that we just learned, got announced as one of the 20 best Tech Startups 2018. This is not a local or regional competition but part of the INNOVATION WORLD CUP® SERIES. This simply means is already one of the 20 best Tech Startups 2018 in the world. What an achievement.

Being on that list gives us the opportunity to present our Smoke testing service at 2018th StartupCon in Cologne in front of investors, possible business partners as well as possible customers. We’ll be on main stage Tuesday 18th September 2018 at around 3pm. In addition, we have the opportunity to present throughout the day at an own stall in the finalists’ area of the Startup City, which is where we will be available for any kind of questions, demonstrations and discussions.

The community voting

To become No.1 Tech Startup 2018, the community needed to vote. Yes, You! A lot of people voted for us. Thank you very much for your support! Now we have to wait until 18th September 2018 and hope for the best. All the updates can be found on the StartupCon page as well. While waiting, you could test your website below or subscribe to our newsletter.

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