New Version 1.6.1

Today, we’d like to shortly inform you about our latest changes made their way into freshly released version 1.6.1.

New features like website verification by installing a WordPress Plugin are part of our latest release. If you download the plugin directly from within your account, the plugin will be completely configured so you just need to install and activate it and you’re up to speed.

Another new feature is that from now on we will provide the time when a job started running. In addition, we amended the layout further. Especially in the area where we show password fields.

From now on we make sure you only create every website just once which will make it maintenance in Dashboard for you much easier. This was a logical step because several users had issues and got confused by having multiple entries for one website.

In the next days, we’ll focus more on finally founding the company. Therefore we’ll focus next on payment process and scheduled jobs. We’re still reachable for questions and feedback as usual. Maybe you want to have a look right now already.

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