It’s a company, finally!

Today I’m proud to announce that finally the founding documents are signed and the project is finally transferred to a company.

We removed, therefore the Basic Auth from the website and from now everyone is able to use the service of smoke testing. A few things like payments are still not working due to slow German legal processes.

What’s new in version 1.11.0

In the last weeks, we worked hard on several topics. For example, we received the first draft of the legal texts from our lawyers and we improved the layout for our user internal pages.

On top, we’re happy to announce that as of now you are able to run smoke tests automated on a monthly base. We provide this service for free.
Feel free to log in and try it yourself.

We learn from Feedback. Constructive criticism and feature requests help us to determine which of the huge list of features is the most important for you. Therefore we rely on your Feedback. Please help us by filling in this short Feedback form.