Interview: Office for economic development

Hey everyone. Some weeks ago I got interviewed by the office for economic development Ahrensburg, Germany. Following I’d like to provide the English translation for you too. If you prefer German, here the original Newsletter for you: Newsletter „Ahrensburg 360º“ Ausgabe 5/2018

New solution for “404 Page Not Found”

Everyone who surfs the Internet knows this message: “404 Page Not Found”. It is not only annoying for the user. For companies, these error pages are bad for their image too. “I personally can’t stand error pages on the Internet”, says the founder of “” Sebastian Thoß, “In over 80% of the cases the error message is completely unnecessary because the content is just to be found at a new address. There is already software available to find and show such error pages. But this is often complicated to install, to adjust and to keep running. I think it should be possible for every website owner to free all pages from errors in the long run without any effort”.

Before the foundation, the 36-year-old talked to many entrepreneurs, developers and startups. During the discussions, he quickly realized there was a need for his idea if the solution was simple, fast and cost-effective. And with exactly this offer, “” was launched in January this year. “You just go to the homepage, enter your website and in a few seconds you get a first result including the number of testable subpages. During the following registration already everything is prepared so that the web page you only have to decide how often we should test it. That’s all. “” takes care of everything”, says the enthusiastic young entrepreneur.

4 Questions for Sebastian Thoß:


What wishes do you associate with the start of entrepreneurship?

Since “” is a purely digital service, my wish is to work in and on the company from any location. Already today, my assistants, who live abroad, organize new content for the website and works with authors from all over the world. Graphics and plugins have already been created independent of location and often even across time zones.

What support did you have in the founding phase?

I have already received some support from different offices before the foundation. Not financially, but with knowledge and information. The IHK Ahrensburg branch has an open ear for those who want to set up a business and is there to help with knowledge. Beyond that, there is in Hamburg a genuinely large MeetUp Community about the establishment and young entrepreneurs.

What visions and plans are there for the future?

The vision of “” is an internet without any error pages. Our goal is that in five years every website owner will have his website monitored for errors. Our plans are to further simplify “” to make it even easier to get started with. More features and support will be provided to help the website owner understand how important it is that error pages are detected and fixed early.

What drives you?

I’m motivated by the fact that, I can really make a difference in the world of the Internet. The Internet is becoming even more and more important. Therefore, it is all the more important that even non-technically experienced website owners receive support in the correct structure and optimization of their pages. Whatever may come in the future. We can help you with the error pages.