is short for Smoke Test It and gives you the opportunity to monitor the availability and speed of your website. The following steps show in more detail how works and how easy it is to use.

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SmokeTest SetUp 1/3

Easy to set up!

With you are up and running in under 5 minutes. Just register your website and add your important URLs. Upload a simple security text file to your website. Now you’re ready to run SmokeTests.

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We SmokeTest for you!

Relying on your configuration we will now test your application. We send requests to the URLs you defined. We collect the response and process information like status code or time to first byte.

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SmokeTest SetUp 2/3

SmokeTest SetUp 3/3

You’ll get the stats!

While the SmokeTest is still running you can watch the results comming in. The SmokeTest statistics will show you how stable your application or website is In addition you can see the speed of each URL separately and a lot more statistics.

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